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Radiotherapy Software Library (RadLib) applications (including MCDTK and TADA) have been developed in the C# language, and require Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5, available on PC systems running Microsoft Windows Vista / 7 / 8.

The software here has been packaged for deployment using Microsoft ClickOnce. The most recent version of the software will be downloaded during installation, with updates automatically being applied when available (where there is internet access). The ClickOnce installers will attempt to download the .NET framework if not found.  Desktop shortcuts will be created. For more information on setting up ClickOnce in this way (using Dropbox storage), click here.

The combined RadLib software, MCDTK software and TADA software has not yet been made publicly available. The source code has not yet been uploaded.

Installers are available for:

Documentation for this software has not yet been uploaded.

The C++ codes add_dose and convert_dose, developed for use with the BEAMnrc / DOSXYZnrc user codes on the QUT High Performance Computing cluster can be found here. These are distributed without support.