This page is an index of a few lists I’m maintaining. Unlike the ‘personal’ section these are mostly professional in nature.

Radiation Therapy

I’ve made a few lists that might be useful to the wider medical physics community.

I’m maintaining a list of radiation oncology / medical physics journals here, with impact factors, H-indices, ISO abbreviations and other information. I’m intending to add further information with time (LaTeX style information, for example).

Similarly I’ve also made an effort to list radiation oncology medical physics conferences here. I’ve made a Google Calendar that you can use to see upcoming conferences.

A list of radiotherapy treatment centres across Australia (including a map) can be found here. I’m adding details (such as equipment used) as I come across it.

Coding Examples

When I’ve developed software I’ve frequently utilised the internet as a source of examples of implementations. In keeping with this approach, I thought it would be a good idea to upload examples of things I’ve done. This is very much a work-in-progress.

These examples are going to be uploaded as WordPress posts, as opposed to static pages.