Software Development

The following software is described on this site:

  • RadLib Software Suite, containing:
    • MCDTK – The Monte Carlo DICOM ToolKit
    • TADA – Treatment and Dose Assessor

To download this software, click here.

Most of the software distributed on this website has been developed in the C# language. I have also written software using C/C++, Java, Ruby and Python. I develop C# applications using the Microsoft Visual Studio IDE. Visual Studio (VS) is available at no cost for students through the Microsoft DreamSpark site. Microsoft also distribute an “Express” version of VS for free. I recommend the use of the following products in conjunction with VS:

The software distributed here has been packaged for deployment using Microsoft ClickOnce – once the software has been launched by the user it checks for the most recent revision (using Dropbox storage). For more information on setting up ClickOnce in this way, check here.

If you are interested in developing software that will use the DICOM framework, I recommend the following DICOM libraries: